Asst. Prof. Katherina Kokinova, PhD


Katherina B. Kokinova (assistant prof., Comparative Literature, Institute for Literature, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Ph.D. on Gombrowicz's and Nabokov's metafiction (Sofia, 2016). She has been working on instructive metafiction and cognitive reception theory and is curious about the intersection of literary research and literary translation. Kokinova has given conference papers at ASEEES (2015-2017, 2019-2021), ACLA 2019, three Gombrowiczian (Buenos Aires 2014, Wrocław 2019, Wsola-Vence 2019), two Nabokovian conferences (Warszawa 2016, Strasbourg 2014) among others.

Proud Fulbright alumna at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures of the University of California, Berkeley (fall 2014), Advanced Academia fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS, 2018), Erasmus visiting researcher at University College London (2014), and Queen Jadwiga scholar at the Jagiellonian University (2013). Thanks to various scholarships she has also visited the University of Warsaw and the University of Śląsk and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sofia University (2019).

Kokinova has translated and researched Gombrowicz's Cosmos and has published journal articles in Nabokov Studies and elsewhere. She has taught Polish literature (Sofia University, 2017-2022) and was invited to teach a class at UC Berkeley (2014) and at the University of Cologne (2017).

She compiled and edited a special journal issue for the 50th anniversary of Gombrowicz's passing (The Philological Forum #special/2019); co-edited and compiled w. B. Paskaleva a special journal issue on reception theories (Littera et Lingua #1/2016); co-edited and compiled w. K. Spassova, M. Kalinova a special newspaper issue on Nabokov (Literaturen vestnik #23/2013).

She is the compiler and editor of two volumes of short stories by Nabokov in Bulgarian (Colibri, 2020, 2021); editor of the Bulgarian translation of Nabokov's Laughter in the Dark (Colibri, 2013) and of the Bulgarian translation of Gombrowicz’s A Guide to Philosophy in Six Hours and Fifteen Minutes (SONM, 2020).

Research interests: Comparative Literature, 20th-c. transnational metafiction, reception theories, cognitive reception theory; authorial instructions, the role of the reader in metafiction; Nabokov, Gombrowicz, Kundera, Bulgakov, Różewicz.

Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals: