Bulgaria: Treasure of Words Exhibition in Varna

On 16th of September, in "Vassil Aprilov" primary school in Varna, "Bulgaria: Treasure of Words” Exhibition was opened. The exhibition is developed by scientists from the Institute for Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and was realized with the assistance of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation. In the school year opening day teachers, students and parents celebrated the 1150th anniversary of the Saint Cyril and Methodius brothers Slavonic Alphabet and the Great Moravian mission. The event was attended by Mrs. Lilia Hristova, Director of "Education, Youth and Sports Activities", Varna Municipality, Mrs. Petya Katelieva, Director of "Vassil Aprilov" school and Mrs. Sabina Hristova, Chairman of the school board, who highlighted the importance of the Cyril and Methodius’s work in Bulgaria and for the whole Slavic world. The fate of the Bulgarian medieval manuscripts - Glagolitic and Cyrillic - and the medieval Bulgarian culture by the end of the IX to the XIV century was presented in the speech of Prof. Anisava Miltenova (Head of Old Bulgarian Literature Department at the Institute for Literature - BAS). Cyril and Methodius’s work as also their disciples and followers in Bulgaria did not only save the literary heritage of the Moravian mission, but transformed Cyril and Methodius’s work from a missionary concept to a fundamental ideology of the native language superiority in literature. Spreading out among other Slavic peoples, it became an integral and important part of the European civilization. The event was voiced by a musical and artistic student’s program.