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The Bulgarian literary process. Problems of poetics. Director of Studies: Assoc. Prof. R. Kolarov, PhD. The project focuses on the poetics of Bulgarian literature and its response to its own inner dynamics, as well as to the larger literary, historical and cultural context. In addition, characteristic phenomena of an individual fictional language or of the language of a literary school and generation are examined, as well as core topics fixed during large periods. The project aims to elucidate unfamiliar areas in the history of Bulgarian literature and to test new approaches for studying artistic criteria and their historical changes.

Methodological problems in literary theory. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. R. Kolarov, PhD. Research focuses on current tendencies in contemporary literary theory and the development of schools in literary criticism (Hermeneutics, Reception Aesthetics, Intertextual Theory and others). By interdisciplinary cooperation with different approaches (sociological, cognitive, semiotic and others), it elucidates new social and cultural phenomena, as well as functions of literary discourse in traditional literary criticism. Further subjects of study are the interplay of different rhetorical structures in discourse of literary theory and the place of Bulgarian literary theory in the context of literary studies around the world. The project provides methodological supplements to Bulgarian literary theory and, in a self-questioning process, suggests some mechanisms of the Bulgarian cultural identity. One of its practical results could be to offer interpretative keys for deciding some acute literary issues which are under discussion in Bulgarian society.

Literature and Literary Studies - a joint research project with the Institute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Radosvet Kolarov. The project is a continuation of " Images of the Other in Literary Communication. Dialogisms, Interferences", which was successfully completed in 2006 and whose main aim was to study the different aspects of Otherness in the search for identity in two different national traditions in the field of culture, anthropology, literature, language, translation and illustration. A collection of studies was published in English as part of the project. The new expanded topic deals not only with theoretical problems but also with different aspects of the Bulgarian-Hungarian literary and cultural relations.

Literary terms and their contexts - a joint research project with the Institute for Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Directors of studies: Assoc. Prof. Raya Kuncheva, PhD and Prof. Teresa Dobrzynska. The project continues the successful Bulgarian - Polish cooperation on the topic "Theory and Poetics in Poland and Bulgaria. Comparative Slavonic Metrics". The aim is to combine methodological developments with studies of specific text to study the anthropological aspects of poetics as well as cognitive problems, symbolic systems and cultural phenomena.

Concepts and Problems of Contemporary Literary Studies. Reference Publications and Anthologies. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Raya Kuncheva, PhD. The aim of the project is through a series of publications - an encyclopedia, anthologies and an electronic data base (supplied with an operative and renewable bibliography) - to present the key concepts of contemporary literary studies in their entirety. Part of the work involves preparing scientific codification of terms, used in the translations of texts on the theory of literature. The project gives the opportunity to gain systematic theoretical knowledge of literature in its connection with man and society in the context of philosophical, psychological and social conceptions. See presentation ...

The Russian literary canon in the 19th century: constitution and revision: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov - a joint research project with the Research Institute for the Humanities at Keele University (Great Britain). Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Radosvet Kolarov, PhD. The aim of the project is to study the works of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Chekhov from a new research perspective, placing these authors in the context of the contemporary debate about the literary canon. The simultaneous constitution and revision of the canon, which can be observed in the writings of the three authors, is a conceptual framework and research perspective, through which 19th century Russian literature is studied.

Intercompetency and Dialogue through Literature (142075-2008-LLP-BG-COMENIUS-CMP) with the participation of partners from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Finland, Spain and Latvia. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Raya Kuncheva, PhD. The project aims to promote and encourage the development of the transversal key competencies (social and civic competencies; cultural awareness and expression; learning to learn) of pupils through innovative methods for dealing with and interpreting literary texts.


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