Comparative literature

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The dialogue between Bulgarian and world literature (19th –20th c.). Typological and receptional aspects. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. G. Tsankov, PhD. For the first time, a research project combines the efforts of all specialists in the Department investigating the problems of European, American, Asian, and other literatures for the past ten years, in order to provide a complete conceptual research on the theoretical and methodological aspects of this topic. The significant empirical material is conceptually organized in a comparative topic will provide importamt results for the scientific discipline in question.

Finalized Projects

Women in the public discourse in Bulgaria and Poland (literature, art and the media) - a joint research project with the Institute for Literary Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Directors of studies: Assoc. Prof. Magda Karabelova, DSc and Assoc. Prof. Anna Nasilowska. The project is dedicated to issues, concerning the topic of feminism, including "female" writing, in the sphere of literature, art and the media. The emphasis is laid on the place of women writers in the social and cultural life of Bulgaria and Poland.

Problems on contemporary comparative theory of literature: The challenges of European cultural dialogues today. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Yonka Naydenova, PhD. In Sign of European cultural dialogues. Director of studies: Assoc.Prof. Yonka Naydenova PhD, coordination Assoc.Prof. Hristina Balabanova, PhD. The hero in middle European and Balkan 20th century literature - a joint research project with the Institute for World Literature of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Director of studies: Assoc.Prof. Hristina Balabanova, PhD. From modernism to postmodernism: Bulgarian and Polish literatures and culturological studies at the end of the 20th century. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Magda Karabelova, DSc.


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