Romanian and Bulgarian Lands in the Late Middle Ages: Literary Contacts and Relationships

  • Project Status
  • Execution period
    2018г. — 2020г.
  • Project lead Prof. Ana Stoykova, D.Sc.
  • Financing
    Еквивалентна безвалутна размяна

Research Team: Prof. Anisava Miltenova, Assoc. Prof. Nina Georgieva-Gagova, Assoc. Prof. Elena Tomova, Prof. Dorotey Getov, Assoc. Prof. Radoslava Stankova, Senior Asst. Prof. Irina Kuzidova-Karadzhinova, Assoc. Prof. Maya Petrova-Taneva, Senior Asst. Prof. Dilyana Radoslavova, Senior Asst. Prof. Stanka Petrova-Hristova

The main goal is to continue the research work on the manuscript and literature in the late medieval monastery scriptories in Bulgaria and Romania. In the 15th and 17th centuries, there were intensive contacts between the Romanian and Bulgarian lands - South Slavic writers and monks traveled north of the Danube, and Wallachian rulers supported monasteries in the lands of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. The most significant trace of these mutual contacts are preserved in the libraries with Slavic-Romanian manuscripts and archives. The project enables Bulgarian specialists to work with manuscript collections and archives in Bucharest and other cities, as well as Romanian scholars to work in Bulgarian archives and libraries. The results of archeographic research and research on open texts are published in Bulgarian and Romanian books and periodicals.

Joint project with the G. Călinescu Institute of Literary History and Theory of the Romanian Academy.