Codex Suprasliensis - Cyrillic Manuscript from the 10th Century. Creating an Electronic Corpus, Science Conference and Exhibition

  • Project Status
  • Execution period
    2010г. — 2012г.
  • Project lead Prof. Anissava Miltenova, D.Sc.
  • Financing

Research Team: all members of the Department of Old Bulgarian Literature


The Codex Suprasliensis has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2007. The project aims to digitally combine the three parts of the manuscript, which are currently kept in three different countries: the National Library in Warsaw (Poland), the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg (Russia) and the National and University Library in Ljubljana (Slovenia). In addition, the project aims to create an electronic edition of the monument with a critical apparatus, parallel Greek text, translation, vocabulary, grammar analysis and search tools ( The aim of the project is for the first time to make the Codex Suprasliensis available to the general public (




Funding: UNESCO - main funding; additional funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Sofia. Total: BGN 39,547