Presentation of the Jubilee Collection in honor of Prof. Milena Caneva "With a Renaissance Spirit and a Modern Approach"

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On April 16, in Hall 1 of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" the premiere of the collection in honor of Prof. Milena Caneva,"With a Renaissance Spirit and a Modern Approach” was held, organized by the Institute for Literature, "Boyan Penev” Publishing Center, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and "Prof. Marin Drinov"Academic Publishing House. Assos. Prof Elka Traykova, Director of the Institute for Literature opened the presentation by thanking the editors of the book and its partners. "Professor Caneva has always created high style - both as a literary historian and critic, and as a lady, so I am glad that the book in her honor became properly beautiful,” stated Traykova. "Prof. Caneva is our favorite teacher, her works pushed the clichés and became fundamental in Bulgarian literary science.

The texts in the collection mark the stages of her career, the path of a scientist who never stops. Which makes her books read and precious", summed up Assos. Professor Traykova. She gave the word to Professor Zdravko Tcholakov, who presented the collection book in details. "The book is not just a traditional jubilee collection, but is a collection of serious literary and culturology texts, arranged by the editors”, said Prof. Tcholakov.

"I accepted the invitation to present the collection because of the warm human relations with Prof. Caneva, born to create an atmosphere, in which everyone feels comfortable. As a person and a scientist she is both tolerant and consistent. In her text Elka Traykova gives a very accurate description for the literary attitude of Professor Caneva, defining it as not a polemic, but as a tolerantly responsive. Editors of the book have done a lot of hard work – they offered a reading, which builds a picture not only of Prof. Caneva’s work, but also of the development of modern literary science. Milena Caneva’s stages of scientific development are very skillfully outlined: her family environment, her main research areas - the works of Ivan Vazov and other problematic directions in her research - the works of Nikola Furnadjiev, Assen Raztsvetnikov, Elisaveta Bagryana, Atanas Dalchev, Svetoslav Minkov, Jordan Jovkov, Dimitar Pantaleev, Dimitar Dimov and others. Prof. Elka Traykova gave the word to Professor Milena Kirova, who thanked Professor Caneva and said that of all jubilee collections, recently issued, each with its own look, "With a Renaissance Spirit and a Modern Approach" was perhaps the most human oriented. It cares the spirit of human empathy, the link between generations.

Prof. Kirova underlined the tradition of collegial relationships, harmony and balance built by Professor Caneva, in which the department continues to exist. Prof. Alexander Kiossev also thanked Prof. Caneva and mentioned two things he learned from her: one was related to the personal relation with the author the scientist is studying, making it almost a family member, reading his works in relations of distance and proximity, moving the author and his writings in the area of "cultural intimacy." "The second thing I learned from Professor Caneva is how in a feminine, soft way, one can keep dignity," said Prof Kiossev. Prof. Milena Caneva received congratulations also from Professor Nadezhda Dragova who promised to end soon the portrait of her mother, poetess Blenika and Peter Petrov, who recalled the work of Acad.Canev in Bulgarian spelling. Assos.Prof. Elka Traykova thanked once again the editors of the book, and Prof.Kiril Topalov, "who organized with a Renaissance spirit the funding icontest of the Scientific Research Fund”. She gave the word to Professor Milena Caneva, who shared how embarrassing it was to hear so many flattering words and thanked once again all who have worked on this beautiful and valuable edition: the editors, the authors, the publishers. "This collection is an invaluable gift for my anniversary. Fate was kind to me and I was a contemporary of several generations. You tried to show me that I'm still not a foreign body in Bulgarian literary science. To create such collection needs lots of love - you'll do what I haven’t managed," concluded Professor Caneva.


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