The "Treasure of Words" Exhibition at Kiev National University "Taras Shevchenko"

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On May 24th at the Institute for Philology Studies at Kiev National University opened the unique „Treasure of Words” exhibition, dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the Great Moravian Cyril and Methodius mission. The opening of the exhibition became a true celebration at the Department for Slavic Studies at KNU and met not only teachers and students, but also diplomats, scientists, researchers, representatives of various academic, cultural and social institutions in Kiev.

The exhibition was officially opened by the Prorector of the International activities at KNU, Prof. P.A. Beh, who in his speech expressed his great satisfaction with the visit of the exhibition at the Institute for Philology Studies and thanked the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Literature for the opportunity to join the international celebration of this significant anniversary - 1150 years of the Slavic alphabet creation. Councillor for Education and Culture at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Kiev Mr. Peter Tanev drew attention to the fundamental symbol of the Day of the Slavic apostles and said that May 24th is one of the most beloved and sacred days for every Bulgarian.

Prof. Olena Chmir, a Bulgarian lecturer from the Department for Slavic Studies underlined the high erudition and scientific research level of the exhibition, created by Prof. Anisava Miltenova and Assos. Prof. Maria Yovcheva. The twenty eight posters with scientific text and unique manuscripts, icons, stained glass, archaeological, historical and literary monuments photocopies are a valuable contribution to the development of medieval science. Assos. Prof. Chmir drew attention to the fact that it was the “Treasure of Words” exhibition in Brussels which opened the celebrations of the 1150th anniversary of the Slavic alphabet creation. Lecturer in Bulgarian language, literature and culture, Assos. Prof..Marieta Ivanova-Girginova sent special greetings by the Director of the Institute for Literature, Assos. Prof..Elka Traykova for the celebration of the Slavic apostles and focused on the serious and professional work of her colleagues medievalists from the Institute for Literature, who participated in the scientific research preparation of the exhibition. In her speech Assos.Prof. Girginova drew attention to the translation of the exhibition texts in Ukrainian language, made by Assos.Prof O.Chmir and by her students - an important condition for the full reception of the exhibition on Ukrainian soil. Marietta Girginova emphasized that in a symbolic way, the celebration of the Saint brothers Cyril and Methodius connected Kiev with Rome, where on the same day the "Treasure of Words" exhibition opened as the culmination of the celebrations, dedicated to the big anniversary. Greetings for the opening were brought also by Prof.O. L. Palamarchuk - Head of the Slavic Studies Department at Kiev National University, Assos. Prof. Valerie Chemes - Deputy Director of the Institute for Philology Studies at Kiev National University and Prof. Yuri Sedih, Head of the Bulgarian-Ukrainian society. After the official welcome speeches Bulgarian philology students presented the main points of Prof. Anisava Miltenova’s report, sent specially for the exhibition opening.

Opening of the "Treasure of Words" exhibition at Kiev National University "Taras Shevchenko" attracted great public attention and public universities in Lvov and Harkov have already expressed interest in it. In early June, the exhibition is to be opened at Kiev Theological Academy.


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