Publishing Centre "Boyan Penev"

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Editor-in-Chief: Assoc. Prof. Vihren Chernokozhev, PhD
Tel. 00359 2 979 39 95
e-mail: chernokozhevv@abv.b

Our objectives as publishers

The Publishing Centre "Boyan Penev" was founded in accordance with a decision of the Institute’s Scientific Council at the beginning of 2000. Its founding was called for by the need to complete the research projects carried out at the Institute by publishing them as collective or authors’ works. This was the main objective in formulating the main tasks of the Publishing Centre "Boyan Penev". It gives priority to editions marking the final result of the research on some individual or collective projects - reference editions, thematic collections from scientific workshops and symposia, anniversary editions or critical works of members of the Institute. Their scientific level is guaranteed by the Scientific Council of the Institute which considers and recommends these editions.

One of the objectives of the Publishing Centre is publishing books from the field of literary studies and humanities, including authors’works and collections from other scientific units in the country, as well as translations of important foreign humanitarian works.

Editions of classical Bulgarian works, phototype editions of books and past editions of periodicals are planned as a third group of publications.

The books of the Publishing Centre "Boyan Penev" can be ordered by telephone or e-mail. See web site.

Looking for a publisher? 

You have completed a scientific project in the domain of literary science. It has been approved by your scientific section and recommended for publishing. It is financially supported by the state or independent sponsors. You need a publisher whose name adequately represents your research. If the name of the Publishing Centre "Boyan Penev" satisfies your requirements, you can get in touch with us and let us turn your project into an edition of high quality.


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