Department of Russian Literature

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Head of Department.: Assoc. Prof. Radostin Rusev, PhD
Room No. 706
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Historical details

The Department was established in 1951 under the name “Department of Russian-Bulgarian and Soviet-Bulgarian Relations”. In 1969 it was re-named "Russian Literature". In 1973 the Department was closed down and its members became an autonomous research group within the Department of Comparative Slavic Studies. In 1982 it was re-established as Department of Russian and Soviet Literature. After 1989 the Department was re-named again, this time as "Russian Literature". From an organizational point of view it functions as the main research centre of Russian studies in Bulgaria. The Department cooperates with the Russian Cultural Information Centre in Sofia. It was directed successively by Prof. V. Velchev (1951-1958), Acad. L. Stoyanov (1959-1968), Assoc. Prof. Hr. Dudevski PhD (1969-1973), Prof. Iv. Tzvetkov (1982-1989), Prof. M. Gurgulova (1990-1992), Assoc. Prof. L. Tzvetkov PhD (1992-1998), Prof. Stoyan Iliev, Dr. habil (1999-2004), Assoc. Prof. Hristo Manolakev, PhD (2004-2007) and Assoc. Prof. Radostin Rusev, PhD (2007-).

Scope of activities :

History (11th - 21st c.) and poetics of Russian literature; Russian emigre culture and literature in Bulgaria (1920-44); problems of textual analysis; typology of culture(s); study of Bulgarian-Russian literary relations; translatology and history of reception; Bulgarian-Russian comparative studies; poetics of novel; literary myths and literary anthroponymics; Russian orientalism; literature of Russian modernism and post-modernism.

Selected publications :

  • Dudevski, Chr. . Mihail Sholohov. Ideas, Images and their Diffusion in Bulgaria (1965, 1975).
  • Iliev, St. Aesthetic Programs of French and Russian Symbolists (1979).
  • Tzvetkov, Iv. Selected works in two volumes (1984).
  • Gurgulova, M. M. Lermontov and Bulgarian Literature (1987).
  • Mihalkov, B. Heroics and Literature (1987).
  • Dimitrova, M. Pasternak and Problems of Aesthetics (1995).
  • Modern Russian Poetry: Anthology / Edited by St. Iliev (1995).
  • Manolakev, Hr. Between Image and Reading. Translated Russian Fiction during the Bulgarian Renaissance (1996)
  • Aleksieva, Em. “The River of Life…” Poetics of A. I. Kuprin’s works (1998).
  • Iliev, St. The female question and male tragedy (2000).
  • Rusev, R.  With a Mask and Several Faces. Valentin Rasputin and the Russian “country prose” between the ‘sixties and ‘eighties (2000).
  • Manolakev, Hr.Text and Boundaries. A. S. Pushkin and his "Povesti Belkina" (2001).
  • Word, Time, Literature : Volume in Honor of 80-th Anniversary of Prof. Ivan Cvetkov / Ed. Hr. Manolakev (2004).
  • Intercultural Communication and the Russian Literary Models / Eds. Hr. Manolakev, R. Rusev, I. Vladova, I, Zaharieva (2006).
  • Lyutskanov, Yordan. Fortune's Vestige: Dmitry Merezhkovsky's novel "Julian the Apostate" (An Analysis of Its Classicizing Symbolism). (2008).
  • Theodore Trayanov and His Era / Eds. R. Rusev, S. Iliev, E. Stajcheva (2008).

Research projects :
Russian literature in the Bulgarian Internet space: texts and reading. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Radostin Rusev, PhD.

Department members :

  • Assoc. Prof. Hristo Manolakev, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Radoslava Ilcheva, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Radostin Rusev, PhD
  • Research associate Yordan Lyutskanov, PhD


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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
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  • tel./fax: +359 2 97170 56
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