Department of Literary Theory

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Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Miryana Yanakieva, PhD
Room no. 709, 711

Historical details :
The Department was established in 1948 and directed by Academician P. Zarev, who was succeeded by Corr. Mem. A. Natev (1970-1991) and Assoc. Prof. R. Kolarov PhD (1991- till now).

Scope of activities :
The role of literature in the cultural awareness of society; debates on literary theory and its future: literature as an institution; art and contemporary society; methodological plurilingualism in contemporary literary theory - trends and schools; author - text - work - problems of identity; interpretation of literary texts; contemporary problems in genre theory; narrative poetics; theory of poetry - metrics and verse, semantics and intonation; theory of tropes; intra-intertextuality; semiotic approaches to the language of fiction and literature.
Selected publications :
  • Natev, A. Art and Society (1965, Russian trsl. 1966); Literary Criticism and Art Criticism. Methodological Questions (1969); Approaches to a Theory of Drama (1972, German trsl. 1971); Literary Ideas of the 20th Century. The Individual and Culture (1985).
  • Panova, I. Vazov, Elin Pelin, Yovkov. Masters of Narrative (1967; 1975; 1988); On the Status of Man. Methods and Problems of Contemporary Aesthetics (1978).
  • Iliev, St. Yavorov’s Contradictory World (1976); Aesthetic programs of French and Russian Symbolists (1979); Directions and Perspectives of Bulgarian Symbolists (1981); Teodor Trayanov, the unknown builder (1983); The Bulgarian Madonna (1988).
  • Kolarov, R. Sound and Meaning. Observations on the Phonic Organization of Literary Prose (1983); In the Literary World of the Novel “Horo” (1988); Literary Analyses (1995); Elin Pelin (1995); Work and Oeuvre: Intra/Intertextuality. // Poetics of the Text (Amsterdam, 1992).
  • Kuncheva, R. The Poem as a Possibility for Choosing (1988); On the poetry of the “Bretan” Cycle. // Eternal and Worldly. New Studies on Bagryana (1994); Observations on the poetry of Hristo Botev. // The work of Hristo Botev. Theoretical Aspects (1996); Parallel Texts of the Sonnet. Observations on the Bulgarian Sonnet. //Slowianska metryka porownawcza (1993); General European Poetic Forms in Bulgarian Poetry. // Slowianska metryka porownawcza (1997).
  • Limits and Possibilities of Literary Theory (1990).
  • Poetics and Literary History (1990).
  • Dachev, M. Semiotics of Colour (1997); Dancing with Logos //Literaturna Misal (1994); The Construction of Meaning as Semiosis. // Filosofska Misal (1990).
  • Engendering Meaning. Volume in honour of Radosvet Kolarov (2004).
  • Trials for the Theory. Dialogs in Literary Scholarship / Eds. Radosvet Kolarov, Miroslav Dachev (2004).
  • Memory and Text: Cognitive and Cultural Aspects = Память и текст: Когнитивные и культурологические аспекты / Eds. Teresa Dobrzynska, Raya Kuncheva. (2005).
  • Images of the Other in Literary Communication (1) / Eds. Radosvet Kolarov, Gyorgy Kalman (2006).
  • The Reflexion - Self-Reference in Epistemology and Among the Social World / Compiler and editor Blagovest Zlatanov (2008).
  • Words and Images. Iconicity of the Text = Слова и образы. Иконичность текста / Eds. Teresa Dobrzynska, Raya Kuncheva (2008).
  • Tsvetan Todorov - Theoretician and Humanist / Eds. Stoyan Atanasov, Raya Kuncheva, Miroslav Dachev (2009)

Research projects :

The Bulgarian literary process. Problems of poetics. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. A. Panov, PhD.
Methodological problems in literary theory. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. M. Yanakieva, PhD.
Literary terms and their contexts - a joint research project with the Institute for Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Directors of studies: Assoc. Prof. Raya Kuncheva, PhD and Prof. Teresa Dobrzynska.
Concepts and problems in contemporary literary theory. Director of Studies: Assoc. Prof. R. Kuncheva PhD.
Intercompetency and Dialogue through Literature (142075-2008-LLP-BG-COMENIUS-CMP) with the participation of partners from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Finland, Spain and Latvia. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Raya Kuncheva, PhD.

Department members :


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