Department of Comparative Literature

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Head of Department : Assoc. Prof. Yonka Naydenova, PhD
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Historical details :

The Department employs specialists in different European, American and Japanese literatures. It was first directed by Prof. Emil Guergiev and Prof. Boyan Nichev (1980-1992), who were succeeded by Assoc. Prof. Petar Velchev PhD (1992-1997), Assoc. Prof. Georgi Tsankov, PhD (1997-2002), and Assoc. Prof. Yonka Naydenova, PhD (2002- till now).

Scope of activities :

The main tasks and research activities are comparative and interdisciplinary, including studies in the history and criticism of literary translation, as well as establishing typological and culturological relations and contacts. During the last few years the principal research topics have been translation and reception of Bulgarian lterature in the 19th and 20th centuries, the problem of European modernity and efforts to provide missing links in contemporary comparative literature, such as the study of Slavic expatriate literature after World War II

Selected publications : 

  • Problems of Comparative Literary Studies: Collection of articles (1978).
  • Slavonic Literatures in Bulgaria. Problems of Reception: Collection of studies (1988).
  • Exile : Drama and Motivation. The Homecoming of Contemporary Slavic Expatriate Literature: Collection of studies / Edited by M. Karabelova (1996).
  • Karpinski, Vojcheh. Rebel Books / Polish transl.: Bl. Lingorska; Preface by M. Karabelova (1999).
  • The Literature of Ethnic Groups in Bulgaria from the Liberation onwards. Vol.1 / Edited by M. Karabelova; Preface by Vera Mutafchieva
  • The languages of European Modernity. Bulgarian and Slovak Readings: Collection of articles / Edited by Hr. Balabanova and Adam Bzhoh (2000).
  • The Translation and Reception of European Literature in Bulgaria. English Literature (In collaboration with the Bulgarian Union of Translators and with the financial support of the Austrian Ministry of Culture) / Editors: A. Shurbanov, Vl. Trendafilov (2000).
  • Hungarian Studies in Bulgaria : Language, history, literature / Compiled, edited, introduction and bibliography Jonka Naidenova (2004).
  • Karabelova, Magda. Notes on the Bulgarian road: Literature, history, reception (2004); The novel - Mutafchieva: Debating the history player. Models of historian events and variants of Balkan reminiscences (2006).
  • On the Trail of Modernism and Postmodernism / Edited by M. Karabelova and R. Nycz (in Bulgarian and Polish) (2004).
  • The Eternal Passions of Bulgaria : In Memory of T. Zhechev / Ed. Georgi Tsankov, Rumyana Damyanova, Penka Vatova, Magda Karabelova (2004).
  • Tsankov, Georgi. Sower of golden sands. Documental story of the publisher Slavcho Atanasov / Compiled by Slavcho Atanasov (2004); The knight of family heritage: Attempt to portray Zdravko Dafinov (2007).
  • Minkov, Boris. The novel between the statute and the status of the falcon (2005).
  • Ivanova, Albena. The poetry of Southernslavic symbolism (2006).
  • In the spirit of the European cultural dialogues: In memory of Prof. Boian Nitchev / Ed. Ch. Balabanova, B. Minkov, D. Dobrev (2007).
  • Naydenova, Yonka. Hungarian spaces : Studies (2008).

Research projects :

The dialogue between Bulgarian and world literature (19th –20th c.). Typological and receptional aspects. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. G. Tsankov, PhD


Department members :

  • Prof. Lilyana Minkova, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Georgi Tsankov, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Yonka Naydenova, PhD
  • Research associate Albena Ivanova, PhD
  • Research associate Boris Minkov, PhD
  • Svetla Ivanova


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