Spirit of Letters and Signs Exhibition

On May 29th , at the exhibition space of Sofia Event Center (Paradise Center – 100 "Cherni Vrah" Blvd, 3rd floor) opened the Spirit of Letters and Signs Exhibition. Organizers of the event are The City Media Group, in partnership with the Bulgarian Memory Foundation, Institute for Literature - BAS and the National Academy of Arts. The exhibition is devoted to the 1150th anniversary of the Great Moravian mission of the Saint Brothers Cyril and Methodius. It combines two creative ideas in an original synthesis between history, tradition and contemporary sensibility.

One creative idea of the exposition is the Bulgaria - Treasure of the Words Exhibition, presented in February this year in Brussels. It is an author project of the Institute for Literature scientists - Prof. Anissava Miltenova and Assos. Prof. Maria Yovcheva, in collaboration with their colleagues medievalists. The exhibition includes over thirty posters with the most significant monuments written with the Glagolitic Alphabet: Asemanievo Gospel, Zograf Gospel, Mariinsky Gospel, Sinai Psalter and others. Exponents represent the rich literary traditions of Bulgaria, the artistic and genre diversity of the Ancient Bulgarian culture.

Another creative idea of the initiative is the Alphabets and Signs Exhibition, arranged by Fashion specialty students, 1 and 2 course at the National Academy of Arts. Conceptually built into the treasure of Bulgarian Alphabet celebration, the exhibition includes unique "Cyrillic" models collection of dresses in black and white and exponents, created of natural materials, designed in the forms of the Glagolitic and Cyrillic letters and signs. The exhibits are created by the oldest natural fabrics - hemp and silk.

"There is a daily dress, which you can find on the lower levels and there's another garment - the spiritual one – made of words and letters, it is above all – it makes us free and independent", said Prof. Greddy Assa. He opened the event with Dr. Milen Vrabevski, President of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation, Assos.Prof. Ana Stoykova, Deputy director of the Institute for Literature - BAS and The City Media Group manager, Mrs. Veneta Krusteva .
The exhibition is opened until June 12.